SUBCULTURE CLASH: $2, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied.

Sep 23, 2011

This zine is hand drawn, but I wouldn’t call it a comic. While there are some small comics inside, there are other things to check out. On one page, a comic shows Simone and Trish in health class in 1992. They are watching a film on menstruation. The next page shows Simone’s evolution as a riot grrrl (1992-1995). Apparently in 1994, she gave the quarterback a broken nose and bruised ribs. This was after he had been groping her breasts and buttocks for four months. Good for Simone! One piece that is not a comic here is about why a contributor named Magzdilla hates Harry Potter books. She and her friend Kiki enter the world of those books through a portal at a Borders store. Kiki is a big fan of the books, but Magzdilla has reached adulthood and she’s staying in adulthood. I think Harry Potter is dumb, too. There is another comic where Carmen dreams that Anne Boleyn is attacking her, but Boleyn ends up beheaded. And if you need any information on cold sore relief, you’ll find that here as well. It looks like this crew of dames from Saint Louis has their shit together. I look forward to picking up another issue. –Nighthawk ([email protected])