SUBB: The Motions: CD

Nov 28, 2006

Between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, a day didn’t go by that I didn’t listen to ska of some wave or another. My record collection ran the gamut of it’s thirty-plus year history. This was also the brief time when I enjoyed dancing and actually had a ferocious skank. And I don’t mean some monkey mosh dance done by punk kids. I fancied myself an extra in the movie Dance Craze or something. At any rate, during the mid-‘90s there was actually some really good new ska being made. The Moon Records logo was a guaranteed seal of quality. At some point things started to rapidly decline. Moon started signing any and every band who remotely played anything resembling ska. Most of those bands were made up of people my age and a little older playing ska-punk at speeds my chubby little legs couldn’t dance to and everything started to sound as derivative as people had been saying it was the whole time. Jesus is this my autobiography or a review? I guess the point is, I realize now that bands like Subb and the ones who turned me off to new ska are what happens when the copier is running out of toner and you make a copy of a copy of a copy and the copy you just made has no connection to the roots of the music. Because I love bringing this up, I’ll also say it’s like those hoodie/flannel combos that were in Mervyns in the early ‘90s because “grunge” was popular. It looks basically like the original but it’s a complete misunderstanding of the original intent and aesthetic. The only upshot here is the political leanings that from time to time break up the trite songs about girls and “dancing ‘til the break of day.”

 –Steve Stephenson (Stomp)

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