SUB CITY DWELLERS: Out on the Streets: CD

Nov 10, 2008

Sub City Dwellers have a skinhead ska sound complete with saxophone, keyboards, trombone, and trumpet. I enjoy the upbeat and energetic nature of most of the songs, such as “Hold the Pressure Down” and “1st and 55th Ave.” Although “1st and 55th Ave.” is a great song, it is musically and lyrically way too reminiscent of Rancid. Even the pronunciation of certain words in the song sound like Tim Armstrong’s signature speech impediment style of singing. “Dubcity” is an instrumental track that is slow and comparable to the Specials. Overall, I enjoy the ska vibe coming from this Canadian band. Small comment: at times, the vocals have a generic feel. On songs like “Tension,” the vocals have that low growl, losing-your-voice scream that almost any skinhead type of band tries to emulate when they sing. But, despite these tidbits, I still like this CD.

 –jenny (Steel Capped)

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