Jul 13, 2010

What a friggin’ world. The guys from For Science and The Ergs! are playing hardcore and the guys in ANS and Seasick (New Jersey) are playing pop punk? And Dirtnap is releasing the hardcore and Cowabunga is releasing the pop punk? Funny times. Good thing it’s best just to not think so much about it and enjoy the quality tunes. The new Stymie songs sound like the EP that could have been released after the Rivethead 12”: melodic, multi-vocalists punk rock with rockin’ change-ups and plenty of girth. Definitely advised for people who are losing their shit over The Brokedowns. Kicking Spit is also running on similar fuel, but with much more of an East Bay sound and some straight-up Radon vocals. That and the wicked guitar solos make for this split coming to a neck and neck tie all around. Splits don’t get much more well-rounded than this.

 –Daryl Gussin (Cowabunga)