Stupid White Men: by Michael Moore By Maddy

Feb 02, 2011

Rock and fucking roll! I was SO excited for the new Michael Moore book to come out and finally it’s here! Hooray! Yippee! Yippie! God bless America, USA!

Being your typical punk rocker, I’m pretty “politically-involved” or whatever ya wanna call it, and I’ve spent more than my fair share of time holding up signs that read, “Stop Killing Palestinians” or “US out of Colombia,” and handing out leftist pamphlets to people who could care less. (See: reasons to give up all hope and commit suicide). So, the reason why I love Michael Moore so much is that he realizes that all of that stuff, while necessary and good and all of that, could be much more fun and funny and punk rock! So instead of just using the traditional tactics, Moore runs a plant for a Congressional seat, convinces Alan Keyes to jump into a mosh pit, and brings an all-gay male chorus to Jesse Helm’s front door! I love this man!

The other day, I saw Moore on the Bill O’Reilly show (ack!) and Mr. Bill was saying something like, “So, do you consider yourself a leftist?” And Moore delivered the response that best sums up my political beliefs, in a nutshell. (Not an exact quote.) “I think I am for the things that most Americans are for. Decent health care, enough money to have a house and decent food, a stable job…” Moore, like Howard Zinn, presents the issues so clearly to demonstrate what I firmly believe (fuck postmodernism!): We are right, and they are wrong. There are some issues so basic, that there can only be one moral answer. So, asking the question “which side are you on?” and demanding an answer from corporations, politicians, and other neer-do-wells is a great tactic! What kind of asshole is going to say, point blank, “It’s okay that people die of treatable diseases and can’t afford food while Enron somehow manages to pay no taxes”?

In Stupid White Men, you get to read Moore’s critiques of the presidential election, the educational system, corporations, and all of that. There’s a lot of great information in this book, in addition to hilarious jokes and side-bars like, “How to Survive Your Bed Being Set on Fire.” And while this book can’t possibly equal the experience of seeing Moore in person, it’s still such a good read.

And apparently I’m not alone in liking this book. It’s on practically every best-seller list in the country. Harper Collins, who originally weren’t even going to let the book be published because of its anti-Bush stuff, must be a happy publishing company, indeed. So, buy this book. Just PLEASE don’t buy it from union-busting Amazon! The end! -Maddy (Harper Collins)

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