May 27, 2009

SBGM from Japan has out, like, five EPs at this point. Their popularity is on the rise. This is no exception. It's true-to-form punk rock that is abrasive, angry and fast. Also, they're talented musicians and they don’t leave that out. The songs add rock elements that are not annoying. The three songs on their side are worth the purchase for this alone. I notice that Rupture is a "fuck you" type of band without even listening. The choice of using sexually explicit artwork will hear cries from PC punks. That is the bait to their venom. The label on their side of the EP has a swastika and their band name on it. Their first "fuck you" song is titled "Washington PC." It attacks Fugazi, vegans, straight edge, Henry Rollins, and MaximumRocknRoll, to name a few. The second "fuck you" song is a GG Allin-styled attack against religion. Musically it’s average. The humor takes it over the line.

 –don (Devour)