STUN GUNS: … And There Was Nothing We Could Do About It: LP

Aug 27, 2009

I was handed this at about four in the morning from someone I think everyone was calling Buddha at someone’s house I’d never been to while a Great Dane was eating dumpster pizza off of the counter. I was a little less excited the next morning. Hungover and finally home, I put it on. Holy shit! This album is so good. It’s one of those albums where you can hear small glimpses of a band, but on the next listen you hear someone completely different because they’ve made it all their own. This listen I’m getting some Vindictives, but I’ve never heard that in there before. Songs range from Tiananmen Square to girls on drugs. I’d never heard of them before, and this is one hell of a taste. Apparently, Dan Destructo from No Fraud was involved in some of the recording for this. The packaging is right up there with the sound. It’s on clear vinyl, which I’ve always liked the most for some reason, with a screen-printed cover (red on black), and a ton of goodies thrown in as well. Well worth looking for.

 –megan (Shut Up)

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