STUKAS OVER BEDROCK: Back to the Stone Age: LP

Jan 24, 2008

L.A.’s punk scene has definitely had its share of quirky punk bands. Sure, there was that whole art-punk scene in Pasadena that included Human Hands, Monitor, BPeople and the Child Molesters, but I’m talking more about the out-and-out punk bands who delivered tuneage just a little more off-kilter than, say, Black Flag, specifically bands like Detox, Artistic Decline, Love Canal, and the band currently under discussion. Stukas Over Bedrock scored a minor KROQ hit— way back when the station was still accessible to local bands and not the big, crappy corporate behemoth it is now—with “Life Like Yogi.” I remember Rodney, in particular, playing it quite often for a while there. “Yogi” leads off this disc, as do their EP’s other two tracks, “Sex Thing” and “Bedrock Bedlam,” and the remaining eleven tracks on this compendium of early recordings are filled with their unique brand of simple yet effective thud-punk beats, sarcastic wit, and sometimes odd lyrical images (“You buttfuck your muffler/and you breathe exhaust...”). Choice cuts: the Flipperesque “Four Bucks” and the thrash cover of Pink Floyd’s “Careful with That Axe, Eugene.” Was nice hearing these guys again.

 –jimmy (

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