STUCK-UPS, THE: Last Chance b/w Out of Control: 7”

Aug 13, 2009

Ever wonder what mannequins sound like when they’re having sex? Or robots? Clinical but seriously pounding. Like clean pistons or furiously rubbing antiseptic surfaces. That’s pretty much what I thought of with “Last Chance.” Storefront window dummies banging like mad. “Out of Control” unleashes the drum monster and guitar cheetah, wilding up the proceeds with whirring, dirty blades. Weird, but lovely and bruisey weird. The Screamers and the Go Go’s (live, not on record) fall through a glass table, they get one another’s limbs attached wrongly, and viola, that’s what I think these folks would sound like. Kinda. Sorta. Yes, I like. 

 –todd (Johnny Cat)

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