STRYCHNINE: Hate Finger: 7” EP

Jul 25, 2002

It sounds as if the savagely spirited boys in Strychnine consist on a steady diet of razor blades, rocket fuel, and all-out attitude-driven anger. They chaotically churn out a wildly careening atomic bomb’s roar of snotty and insolent punkrock fierceness that’s as ugly, sweaty, and venomous as it gets. Imagine a high-voltage crossbred cacophony of Fear, Minor Threat, and The Minutemen rambunctiously blastin’ two tit-twistin‘ originals and a skull-crackin’ cover of X’s “We’re Desperate.” Lawless, loud, and unmistakably brutal; that’s the unrelenting auditory outrage of Strychnine.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (TKO)