STRUNG UP: Society Rot in Hell: LP

Aug 13, 2009

Holy shit, fuck and goddamn if this ain’t one sweet motherfuckin’ release. Fifteen tracks of flying fingers, stop/go tempos and attitude up the wazoo, all wrapped up in the accoutrements of a Bay Area hardcore band. In their tunes one can hear a mishmash of influences, from Bad Posture (who they cover here), Verbal Abuse, Negative Approach and a host of others, all blended perfectly and spat back out like a finely crafted margarita. If you have even a passing interest in hardcore and believe that there ain’t been anything good that’s come out of that scene in more than a decade, I suggest you get a hold of this by any means necessary, ‘cause it’ll give you that curb job you so desperately need, smart guy.

 –jimmy (Blazing Guns/Kangaroo)