STRUNG OUT: Prototypes and Painkillers: CD

Jun 08, 2009

Here’s my thing with Strung Out: I really love the song “Jackie-O” but everything else I’ve ever heard by them is so slick it usually blasts right by me. This compilation of B-sides and hard-to-find tracks pretty much just reinforces that. Most of the stuff on here just washes right past me, except for a couple of stray tracks. I think one of the best is “Just Like Me.” There’s also “Sinner or Coward?” and “Season of the Witch,” which both stick out because they sound a lot more like old AFI than the Strung Out I’m used to. What really confirms my original theory of Strung Out is that my favorite track on is a different version of “Jackie-O” called “Jacqueline.” I do have to say though that it is nice to have all these odds and ends from throughout the band’s career collected in one spot. If this had been a single comprised of “Just Like Me” and “Jacqueline,” I would think this was one of the greatest things I’ve heard this year.

 –Adrian (Fat)

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