Jan 14, 2010

Whoa-ho-ho-ho! I’ve sat in this room for the past couple nights listening to this disc in total awe. There’s a definite Tragedy influence in their sound. But Struck By Lightening are most definitely on their own trip. They’re waaayyyyyyy heavier, darker, and the metal influences propel them above the mindless masses attempting the same sound. Drumming that sounds like large machine guns going off. The way they are recorded is perfect. I haven’t heard any drums anywhere recorded this well. You can hear and pret’ near feel every hit. The bass has a great and dirty sound that gives the songs a sinister edge, and the guitars are one sheer din of energy. The vocals are great as well. Nothing overdone or overdramatic. Strong, effective, and intelligible. This is one of those albums you can immerse yourself in. The songs are solid as hell, the time changes dynamic, and, as the album progresses, so do the songs—from semi speedy tempos and to sludge. The instrumental, “Collection of Teeth” with its cold tones and piano is a great break from the guitars and drums assault. It underlines the overall feel of the album. Also, it sounds like it could easily fit into a soundtrack for a Fulci film. Feel the darkness and wallow in it. Easily one of the best heavy bands out there at the moment, and I will stand behind that statement.

 –M.Avrg (Translation Loss,