STRONG INTENTION: Razorblade Express: 7”

Several years ago, I acquired a copy of Strong Intention’s debut album Extermination Vision through a blind trade and was completely blown away by their reckless disregard of speed limits ala fellow East Coast veterans Drop Dead. That was back in 2003 and while I was aware of the Maryland thrashers’ constant touring, I was not hip to the fact that since that full length they have only released one other split 7”. No matter: they’ve not lost any of their edge and it seems as if taking their time between records has only made them even sharper. One stylistic change to note is their dabbling in the stoner/sludge territory which can probably be attributed to Michael IX Williams’ (Eyehategod) presence on two of the five tracks. But just when you think the bong rips are going to lead the charge, the thrashing of a lifetime ensues and doesn’t stop until all the posers are laid to waste. Criminally underrated and rarely acknowledged in the underground, Strong Intention are the real deal, folks.

 –Juan Espinosa (Patac,