STROLLERS, THE: Captain of My Ship: CD

Jul 21, 2009

Fuck the Hives, this is the band from Sweden that people should be excited about!  It’s authentic '60s garage punk that brings to the ears the sounds of the Sonics meets the Strawberry Alarm Clock having an affair with a little MC5. If you ever come across their first self-titled 7" and the equally fantastic Bring Her Home 7" you would have in your possession an early glimpse how magical this band is. They followed that up with their full length titled Falling Right Down. This follows in their progression of growing more gritty but retaining their magic of song writing. The recording is more stripped down from their previous releases but the music comes across as beautiful as a time warp back to the past. I feel like a child when I hear these songs. I could easily see many of these songs on a soundtrack for a B movie that was released in the '60s. I can never get enough of these guys. You really need to dig and find some of their releases. You will not regret it if you like this genre of music.

 –don (Low Impact)