STRIKEFORCE DIABLO: The Albatross and the Architect: CD

Oct 16, 2008

Wily, inventive guitar rock that will get under your skin like a Southern preacher’s homemade snake oil mixed with whiskey and downed in one gulp. “Plastic Astronaut” bumps and grinds like a game of rollerball, while “Between the Two” has some musical breakdowns that for some reason remind me of Tony Iommi, which kicks ass in my book! “Akimbo” is the best song on this one for me—“These walls have ears/whose ears have walls so paper thin/and our fading El Camino is home again” sings Drew Demaio over Kevin Scott’s pummeling backbeat. The glue in this trio is bassist Matt Sweeting’s propulsive bass lines—check out “Fear humongous” if you don’t believe me. You would be a “sad humongus” if you don’t buy this and keep it hidden in your cookie jar.

 –koepenick (No Idea)

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