Aug 13, 2009

A minute step slower and more melodic than Change Is a Sound, Strike Anywhere once again proves that positive, intelligent hardcore can be a powerful, challenging, and vital mission, not just a closed track game where they’re yelling to the converted chained to a wall. Still in check are Thomas’s snarl and polyp-busting screaming, the double Matt guitar attack, and Garth and Eric’s formidable bass and drum landscaping. The best news, however, is that this album comes the closest to all of their recorded output in capturing this blast furnace of a live band. You can almost feel the sweat start to bead on your brow. If Kid Dynamite’s memory is like a pulled tooth and your tongue keeps on going back to that empty space, Strike Anywhere’s a great choice. They’re far from being a duplicate, but that massive creative spark – like if 7 Seconds charged out of the gate today instead of twenty years ago – is still alive and well. Punk’s not dangerous? They were refused admission into Japan and were held in house arrest, until they were admitted to fly to Australia.

 –todd (Jade Tree)

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