May 14, 2001

Fuck me, this is great. Ever listen to bands that burn fast and hot just like gasoline, that make you want to start fires the first time you put them on? They've got the supercharged posi-core anthems for tomorrow dynamics down to a tee. I hear a lot of Good Riddance, only if Russ was cloned three times and did backup vocals. I hear a lot of Avail. Super tight, uber-force Richmond, Virginia songs of rebellion. (Lyrics proclaim "resist infiltration," "we are at war" and "leave their power unfilled." And the conviction is so believable that it's far from laughable.) I hear a lot of Hot Water Music. The guitarists are twining the same strands of rope into a double-tight musical noose and although the songs are powerful, they're not simple, wanky, nor fearful of slowing down on occasion. Most importantly, I hear a band that believes in themselves. Impressive first volley across the bow. I think Jade Tree's going to re-release this.

 –todd (Red Leader, PO Box 20836 - Park West Finance Station, NY, NY 10025;

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