STRIKE ANYWHERE: Change Is a Sound: CD

May 27, 2009

Todd Taylor reviewed this a few issues ago and he is the one who gave me a copy of this release. Before I saw them in June, I never noticed or heard of this band until that day. On that day, I met the members of this group who I felt were genuinely nice and sincere in what they were doing. Live, they were so energetic and refreshing to me, I must have broken a tear on how much I liked them. I had a stupid grin the whole time as I watched in amazement. After that day, I heard from a friend in Finland that he heard great things about this band. I noticed more and more their name being mentioned in zines. Where the fuck had I been? Man, this is fucking good! That's the most intelligent reaction I have at this moment. The production is dead on. They play late '80s hardcore that is refreshing and intoxicating and lyrics that don’t sound like they came from the punk lyrics form book. Bands like this keep me excited about the genre. Out of every ten bands out there, one always shines.

–don (Donofthedead)