STRESSFACE: Oh, You’re Welcome: CD

Nov 28, 2006

This is a project band comprised of almost the entire staff of No Idea Records, which is funny because the CD isn’t on No Idea. Judging from the lyrics, you’d think running a record label is nothing but dealing with UPS. I mean, I’m sure they deal with UPS a lot, but damn, how about some songs about something else? Where are the songs about paying royalties to bands? Sending promo posters out on the road for tours? Stuffing records in plastic sleeves? I know these dudes do more than joke around with the UPS guy. Musically, it’s pretty decent hardcore; they really play up the sleeveless shirt and bullet belt thing, but they actually sound a bit tamer than most other bands that imagery brings to mind. Still, this is a fun album well worth the listen.

 –ben (Plan-It-X)