Dec 01, 2009’s kinda weird, you spend more or less your whole life embedded in punk rock and you come to realize that the bands you’ve been in and the bands your friends have been in, in the cold hard light of further analysis, pretty much get by primarily on imagination and charm. I mean, sure, there’s some talent (usually) at work, but, ultimately, for myself and most of my acquaintances, the brain is willing but the flesh simply cannot muster the horses to pull off anything legitimately resembling planet-splitting rock’n’roll. And then, on the other hand, you got the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, who have more Mad Rock Skillz than most of us will ever shake a twig at, and they will ALSO never pull off anything legitimately resembling planet-splitting rock ‘n’ roll, simply for wont of that crucial little dollop of imagination and charm the Rock Gods saw fit not to administer. I mean, all the horsepower in the world goin’ for ‘em, and here sits the planet, completely unsplit (unsplut?). To illustrate my point, compare the Cheetahs’ “Little Tokyo” with “Chinatown” by legit rock-rock-rock-rock-rock’n’roll planet splitters the Devil Dogs: “Little Tokyo” is recorded better, played by better musicians, and performed by a much tighter band – yet, compared to “Chinatown,” “Little Tokyo” comes off as merely immature and crude, and, ultimately, way less rockin’ as a result. I don’t even think anyone’s to blame – that’s just the way things shake out. Apart from that and a smattering of real dogs (“Peppermint” and “Fuck No” flat-out blow, and “All I Want” is so puss-puss it makes “For Paul’s Sake” sound like “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by comparison), this disc – the band’s first studio album + outtakes + 45s – rocks just fine. Cleaned my electric toothbrush, too! BEST SONG: “Turn Me Down” BEST SONG TITLE: All the good song titles are covers, except “Built for Speed,” which isn’t the Stray Cats song FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My old band played with this band in East Germany. Since, owing to a prior gig falling thru, they were added at the last minute, they were essentially playing for beer, merch sales, and a couple bowls of potato soup. Needless to say, since it took 45 years of blood, tears, toil and sweat to get the Communists OUT of there, i didn’t jeopardize all of that PROGRESS by offering to split our dough with them.

 –norb (Alive)