Street Legends Vol.2 : By Seth Ferranti, 243 pgs. By Andy Conway

Sep 23, 2011

Street Legends Vol. 2 is a comprehensive look at some of the most prolific gangs and drug kingpins to emerge from the streets of America’s inner cities within the last several decades. It is gritty tales of crime, violence, glory, and betrayal. This book documents the rise, eventual fall and continuing legacies of men like New York heroin distributer Frank “Black Caesar” Matthews, flashy Baltimore drug lord Maurice “Peanut” King, and the hilariously named “Boobie Boys” gang, among others. Author Seth Ferranti has amassed an impressive writing resume, while serving out a twenty-five year sentence for being convicted as a “drug kingpin” in 1993 when he was twenty-two years old. He wrote this from behind bars and it really adds to the sense of authenticity in the writing. This isn’t just some mere reporter writing about a lifestyle without any kind of real personal attachment. I found this to be an excellent read. (

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