STREET LEGAL: Selt-titled: CD-R

Oct 23, 2008

Five originals and a Wipers cover. Their bag of tricks isn’t necessarily large or varied, but here and there the band manages a few decent swings. I do like the vocalist’s rough-hewn screech. I don’t like the fact that she feels the need to repeat certain lyrics about seventeen thousand times per song. For example, the entirety of “Death Rock Song” consists of the lyrics “We won’t fight some more…” which are sung, like I said, long enough for me to go to the fridge, get a beer, and drink half of it while pondering when they’re gonna come out with a new Air Bud film before the rest of the lyrics, “Gonna fight you, and your gonna die” come in. I mean, grammatical errors aside, I just don’t get the sentiment of that song, much less the need for so much repetition. I mean, Street Legal, are you gonna fight some more or are you not? Anyway, I like the hazy, dirty recording and some of the really nice high-end guitar work, which the band seems to favor in lieu of straight bar chords or whatever. Decent raucous punk stuff; just had a hard time staying interested when certain lyrics were being repeated ad nauseam. 

 –keith (Street Legal)

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