Jun 08, 2009

White Night: Anaheim. Post Pterodacdudes dudes. It’s like those close-up diagrams of, say, a hair follicle versus looking down at your own arm and looking at all the hair on it at once. Up close, White Night are chock full of tiny pop influences, but growing out of dirty, charming, lo-fi DIY punk rock. Like if FYP had influenced the Beach Boys (instead of visa versa). But on a quick glance from pretty far away, you could just easily say, “Neat band.” Both would be right. Street Eaters: John Geek (Fleshies, Triclops!) and Megan March (Neverending Party) join up as a bass and drums duo. Their songs have a Wire-y space, sparseness, and tremble that has some overlap to Northern California contemporaries Surrender. Broken and asphalty songs with broad-leafed weeds growing through them, even during a Devo cover. Nice.

 –todd (Repulsion)

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