Street Eaters: “Frigid Digits” is a call and response song that works as an extended metaphor. It could easily be a conversation between a lonely Eskimo and their pet seal/ future meat. Topically, it’s open to the interpretation—like the numbing, dead-end, fattening existence of the suburbs—and that’s a nice bit of crystal to look at music through. Nice stuff. Severance Package: When John Geek handed this to me for review, he wrote it for me. “It’s along the lines of Dead Moon.” Thanks, John. It definitely is, with a little less of a tendency to hang out in the jams, but keeping the song open for a lot of space. Smart, sparse punk rock. Their song, “Miseducated,” is about universities for profit. (And them being a bad idea.)

 –todd (Dead Broke / Dirt Cult / Lost Cat)