STREET EATERS: “Ashby and Shattuck” b/w “Mother”: Picture 7”

Mar 17, 2011

Street Eaters seem to be concerned with archeological time—like the millions of years it takes to for stalactites to form in a cave. Doing so, the Street Eaters have already seen the collapse of civilization and are making music for insects, more than humans. Not really, but it’s a different headspace for a husband and wife bass and drums duo and it’s an interesting way to approach making music. Aurally, think of a more community-based Dutch band The Ex (who they cover) and the fun-art-jam-exhilaration of Shellshag (who put out the record). The pieces fit well together. Whereas Fleshies—another band John’s in—deals in maximizing the maximums, Street Eaters maximize the minimums. Both approaches work very well, while ending at two very different musical conclusions. Strong stuff. It’s really accented by Megan’s artwork on the picture disc.

 –todd (Starcleaner)