Menace performed at the 2012 2000 Tons of TNT festival in Hartford, CT. Watching them play their classic punk anthem “G.L.C.” was a childhood dream come true. Queer Pills Records released an awesome repress of that classic 7” in conjunction with the show, with another four Menace 7” represses promised for the near future. Is the Street Dogs cover of “G.L.C.,” altered to be about the Republican party, worth checking out? Of course it is. Former Dropkick Murphys vocalist Mike McColgan’s Street Dogs are always a good time and this record is no exception. The B-side is a live version of their popular “Not without a Purpose.” Twenty thousand copies of this 7” were originally pressed as a flexi to hand out to Republicans outside of election year Republican events as an educational act of protest. Now the true vinyl is available. Hopefully some young Street Dogs fans check out Menace as a result, an outcome even nobler than changing the face of lame mainstream politics.

 –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press,