STREET DOGS: Back to the World: CD

Nov 08, 2007

I got hit by a promotions person a couple of years ago to review a live show by this band. I responded by saying, “I don’t like to go see bands I have no idea about. Send me a CD. I will think about it after I hear it.” Well, that CD was the Savin Hill record. Man, the first thing I thought was, “Dad name, I hope the music isn’t.” I was thinking the vocalist sounded familiar. It’s Mike McColgan, who used to sing for the Dropkick Murphys. Well, the music was superb: melodic street punk that was heartfelt and yet urgent. The track titled “Fighter” is one I still listen to. Here is their sophomore effort and that can always go two ways. The first album was a fluke and the second is terrible or it will be as good or better than the first. This is the latter. They continue on with great songs that are enjoyable and can be listened to over and over. The Celtic and reggae/dub track didn’t get under my skin. If you can handle an acoustic track, the last track has a lot emotion and seems sincere. Glad to see that they are on the right track.

 –don (Brass Tracks)

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