STREET BRATS: See You at the Bottom: CD

Nov 10, 2008

Wow. Love this. Great, catchy energy and anger that I would expect from the brutal city of Chicago. And this delivers. Finally, punk rock and roll that doesn’t lose sight of the punk. Strong Clash/street punk influence but faster and more upbeat. And yeah, anger. Doesn’t lose energy as it moves along. My only criticism is the lack of variation in the songs. They seem to all have the same beat, and I think they’re capable of more. It’s definitely formulaic, but they do it well. I can tell these guys have been together for a while. A warning: the eighteen minutes of nonstop feedback on the hidden track at the end will have you clawing at your eyes! Turn the CD off immediately at the end to avoid risking loss of sight. A solid, worthwhile release. I’m gonna go listen to it again in my car.

 –KO! (Full Breach)

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