STREAMLINED: Self-titled: 7” single

Listening to this reminds me of the days when labels like K, Teen Beat, and Simple Machines were putting out some primo pop. Streamlined play music that is atmospheric and subdued. The sort of thing you listen to late at night with a single lamp on in your room. Think of a much less slick Mazzy Star, mixed with Days of Wine and Roses Dream Syndicate. “Little Black Cloud” is my favorite of the two. It’s the guitar that pulls you in with its near-ethereal style, and then there’s the way the singer sings in this confident way without trying. The A side, “Jackpot” is a touch more loud and aggressive (but not in the typical way of beating you over the head) with the guitar hitting a little harder on the down stroke, and the tension created with the second guitar track underneath. The drums keep it cool the whole way through. You would never guess in a million years that Todd Swalla from the Necros and Laughing Hyenas is in this band. 

 –M.Avrg (Scumbros)