STRAWMEN: Loud & Mean at the Aberdeen: CD

Mar 17, 2011

Out of Canada, this trio hands over some ‘60s garage punk with this live recording from 2009. The yips and yelps add country and bluegrass flair. I suspect a banjo could easily be substituted for a guitar and I wouldn’t be surprised if Strawmen have already traveled that dirt road. Without a bassist, the two guitarists finger chords that both thrum and jangle, while the drummer barely keeps everything from bubbling over. My only regret was that the sound quality wasn’t what it could have been. Given that this was a live recording and put on cassette, the vocals were pretty indecipherable. But perhaps that was their aim. Either way, I’m interested to see what these men of straw are planning next.

 –Kristen K (Hamburger Tapes,, [email protected])

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