May 21, 2003

I liked this CD the minute I saw the cover art and the name of the band. I like food names (Razorcake, Strawberry Mud Pie, Punch and Pie, and, uh, more that I can’t think of right now). And I love female-fronted Japanese punk bands. (Pear of the West and Thug Murder are high on my list, which needs lengthening. If you are in a rockin’ female-fronted Japanese punk band, send me stuff to review, care of Razorcake!) You Sing! Me Play! didn’t disappoint me, either. Strawberry Mud Pie’s songs are very catchy, with a happy, rock’n’roll feel without being too poppy. Within the first song, you are already singing along: “Woohoo, she used to run away.” (At least, I think those are the words. Sometimes it’s hard to get past the singer’s Japanese accent, but that’s okay. It’s fun making up words, too.) You can tell the band is influenced by fifties rock’n’roll, and in the case of You Sing! Me Play!, that’s a good thing. I want more of this kind of stuff!

 –felizon (1+2 Records)