STRAIT A’S, THE: Detention Span: 7"

May 26, 2008

I’m pretty glad that I listened to this, considering the fact that I really didn’t want to because of the one sheet. It made mention of the current drummer (the band’s ninth) also playing with a pretty big indie hip-hop group. The thought alone of combining rap and punk makes me cringe. Punk and hip-hop are not like sodium and chloride. They aren’t poisonous on their own, and they don’t make a season enjoyed by almost everyone when merged together. That is, never write anything on a one sheet that may be taken as an insinuation that they are mixed unless it’s true, in which case it would be shameful to withhold such information. (However, it is okay to mention that one of the old drummers plays in Sass Dragons and that the female vocalist is in the God Damn Doo Wop Band.) Anyway, the Strait A’s don’t make punk rap; they make pop punk. Damn fine pop punk, in fact. It really reminds me of the Teen Idols, but with a bit of the sloppiness and attitude prevalent in early ‘90s Queers’ albums (one track reminds me of “Ursula” musically). There are both male and female vocals, but the female vox only take the lead on one track. Overall, the band’s moniker is pretty damn right on.

 –Vincent (Johann’s Face)

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