STRAIGHT TO HELL: ‘02-‘04 Discography: CD

Nov 28, 2006

Goddamn, one shudders to imagine the plethora of slayed dragons and razed villages that must’ve fallen prey to this band in their short two-year existence. I’m getting that from the cover, which features an army of soldiers coming out of a large dragon-headed ship, being led by a guy with a He-Manesque breastplate and a dog’s head. It’s really no big shocker that Gloom released this: Straight To Hell’s playing straight-up thrash, with throat-rending vocals and the occasional screeching metal solo thrown in. The bad: I guess I really shouldn’t review thrash shit anymore; all of these bands just start to blend together after awhile. The good: Smart, scene-critical lyrics in a genre that almost always goes for the dumbass A-B-A-B rhyme scheme.

 –keith (Gloom)