STRAIGHT ARROWS: “Never Enough” b/w “Can’t Stand It”: 7”

Unsurprisingly, Straight Arrows deliver another awesome 7”. “Never Enough” is a little slower and heavier than most the songs found on the band’s debut full-length It’s Happening. The B side’s “Can’t Stand It” is a fast-tempo burner. It should go without saying that the production on this 7” is raw, so if you’re looking for the clarity of Eno’s Ambient records—and they do indeed rule—you’re coming to the wrong place. Anyone interested in fucked up music—Red Krayola, Swell Maps, etc.—will benefit greatly from picking this 7” up. The cover art rules, too. Impress your friends at parties with this 45. And if the Straight Arrows ever come through your town, catch them. They’re from Australia and that’s a long plane ride. (Just be careful of drummer Adam. Word on the street is the dude parties harder than Keith Moon.)

 –ryan (HoZac,