STORMTROOPER: I’m a Mess: 7” + CD

Jan 27, 2015

Stormtrooper is one of the many proto-punk bands, in this case one from the UK, that perpetually wrench punk-origin timelines and oddly entrenched myths that it popped up out of nowhere. Originally recorded as part of a demo in 1975, “I’m a Mess” and its flip, “It’s Not Me,” the single under scrutiny here was issued in 1977, after the band had ceased to be, no doubt in an attempt to earn a few quid off the by-then raging punk phenomenon. The title track is a nice bit of sloppy, sludgy stompin’, an easy fit into punk’s confines, while the latter has a bit more of a trad rock vibe to it. Included with this reissue, along with a patch, is a CD with additional tracks from the 1975 demo, a few tracks from a 1978 recording (including a nice working of “I’m on Fire,” released a year later by punk stalwarts Chelsea, which included former Stormtrooper bassist Geoff Myles in its ranks), a 2003 rerecording of “I’m a Mess,” and a number of tracks pulled from a rehearsal tape tacked on the end for the punters that need everything a band plops onto tape. It’s also limited to five hundred, so get to searchin’. 

 –jimmy (Cleopatra)

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