STORM OF STRESS: Self-titled: CD-R

Jan 14, 2010

Storm Of Stress play angry speed metal with pedantic lyrics about refusing to help friends who can’t help themselves. “Nut Up,” “Leech,” and “Waste” are gleaming examples of the self-righteous attitude in hardcore/speed metal that sends me lunging towards the “stop” button on the CD player. To these guys’ credit, they do acknowledge their own fallibility in “Slipping into Darkness” and “Let Down,” mentioning vague failures and wishing for real-life do-overs. The music is played fast and tightly with a few decent breakdowns and the singer is appropriately indecipherable in his overblown, unholy delivery. The dude could’ve sung in Polish and I wouldn’t have known the difference save for the lyric sheet printed in the liner notes. One suggestion, SOS: If your lyrics and message are important enough to print out for people to read, it’s a good idea to proof read them and correct the spelling errors.

 –benke (Self-released)