STOPS, THE: Self-titled: EP

May 08, 2013

Easily one of the best records I’ve heard in the past couple years. So damn good it’s unreal. It’s driving and tuneful punk rock from out of Portland with a lot of soul. From the beginning of “Wait for Today,” you hear Stefania’s voice you’re hooked. The music has a bit of a dark vibe, and is kind of moody, but not bogged down in the dreary or bleak. In fact, the songs on the second side are a bit more upbeat, especially on the aptly titled “Light Inside.” They sometimes repeat lines over and over, and with great effect, as it works its way into your mind, and you can hear the passion in the delivery as well. I like the guitar sound on here, with a slightly distorted and jangly syrupy thickness. This is one of these records where, when you listen to it, it’s a reminder that it’s a great time to be punk. I’m sitting here wondering what their live shows are like, and when the next record will be out...

 –M.Avrg (Residue,