Nov 16, 2015

At first listen, you might be inclined to write Noun off as a just another decent garage punk album. Dig a little deeper and you will find it to be kind of like an onion: each layer is sweeter and more substantial than the one before. It looks to have been recorded in 2012 so I am a little puzzled how this is just now seeing the light of day. No matter, as this shit pretty much rips and is culturally informed in a very punk’n’roll way, with nods to The Who and Ted Nugent as well as fellow pen pusher Mitch Cardwell. What really makes Noun stand out are the dual male/female vocals. Usually, I find such arrangements to be rather jarring as the difference in styles can often make the band sound like two different ones. Not here. Both vocalists actually complement each other as they both operate in the same relative range. Two words? Snottily infectious, or maybe... new favorite? 

 –Garrett Barnwell (Big Neck, bigneckrecords.com)