STOP BREATHING: Self-titled: 7”

Jan 20, 2011

When I got to the second song on this record, “Bombs Away,” I groaned. Oh great, I thought, another hardcore song about the world being blown to pieces. Then I realized something kind of scary: Even though punks have been singing about this shit for decades now, it’s still valid. I was on a flight recently with an air force guy who told me about how secure I should feel because of all the missiles the U.S. has ready to go, but it didn’t make me feel secure at all. It didn’t help that the guy was kind of an idiot, even though he assured me he wasn’t going to be the one pushing the button. I guess my point is no matter how samey shit like this starts to feel, it’s probably not a bad idea to keep talking about how fucked up the world is, and it sure doesn’t hurt to package that talk in the form of some cool hardcore.

 –mp (Rotten To The Core)