Fourteen quick bursts of hardcore with just the briefest hints of metal wickering underneath, mostly in those guitar solos that weave in and out of the songs. Comparisons to Dr. Know and RKL definitely come to mind—it’s that kind of frenzied hardcore. Comprised of folks from Glass And Ashes, The Missing 23rd, and The Fucking Wrath, Stop Breathing makes it all sound pretty effortless. It’s all a little too ceaselessly ferocious for me personally, (I have grown old, old and weak, and keep waiting for them to change it up a bit) but again, they just nail it. Aesthetically, the best parts here are the cover photo, which is straight up brilliantly done, and the back logo, with the No Idea stressface and Doug Moody/Mystic Records skull mixed together.

 –keith (No Idea)