STOOL SAMPLE/THE SCHITZ: Baptism in Jism: Split 7"

Jul 28, 2009

Stool Sample is pretty much a crusty metal punk band that sings about the most offensive things they can. They are local and I must say that I enjoy going to see their show when they play. The three songs on here, though, aren’t anything to shake a stick at. Pretty straightforward without their usual gross out novelty. Being a big fan of toilet humor, I was disappointed. Then there are The Schitz. They are a good version of Stool Sample that doesn’t need the bathroom motif to put out good music. They are musically what I wish Stool Sample was. Fast, slightly metal, snotty punk. They also have three songs, which makes this 7 “ a thrifty deal.

 –toby (Stool Sample/The Schitz)

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