STONEAGE HEARTS, THE: Suzie b/w Shoot My Mouth Off & The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane: 7″

Nuggetsy garage punque from Down Under; “Suzie” is a compelling enough a-side – sounding not unlike a cross between what i just said it sounded like and something that might’ve been rendered by one of those second-tier Limey mod bands circa 79/80 (meaning the Purple Hearts or the Chords [the “first tier” consisting of primarily The Jam and not much else]) – that, the first time i heard it (on WUSB’s excellent “Tuesday Night Rock & Roll Dance Party” show), struck me as worthy enough that i found it necessary to jot down band name and song title and do a Google search in order to track it down. Like most of the records i own by Australian bands, the music sounds markedly more solid and together than one would expect it would be were it rendered by American counterparts of the same ilk; also, like most of the songs on the records i own by Australian bands, the song seems like it’s lacking like one crucial little Song Thingie – one errant additional scrap of modest genius – that, were it present, would likely put the tune over the top (i.e., have me hopping around like Kangaroo Jack™ or similar comedic marsupial local color). I mean, there is a long and storied history of bands from the Antipodes rocking at a High Rock Level, but there’s also an almost-as-long history of said bands very rarely contending for a World Heavyweight Title, simply because they lack a metaphorical bell here and a metaphorical whistle there – metaphorical bells and whistles that their Northern Hemispherical contemporaries would have implemented out of necessity merely to survive their inability to rock so staunchly as their Southern Hemispherical cousins. Or something. “Shoot My Mouth Off” is a 6/8 time neo-ballad that doesn’t fare quite as well; “The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane” is a cover one might recall as being on the Nuggets Vol. 2 box set and originally recorded by Timon (presumably right before his million-selling reunion concert in the park with Pumbaa). BEST SONG: “Suzie” BEST SONG TITLE: “The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The back cover song titles are in a font called “Gilligan’s Island,” for obvious reasons.

 –norb (Butterfly)