STONE THE CROWZ: Protest Songs 85-86: CD

Stone The Crowz were a London-based anarcho punk band active in the ‘80s. They produced a couple of demos—tracks from which subsequently found homes on a few influential comps before the band broke up. A couple of members went on to form Axegrinder and their drummer started Endangered Muzik, which released early recordings by Anti-Sect and Oi Polloi. Collected here are tracks from those demos, plus a live cut, all of which show—surprise!—a heavy Crass influence lyrically and musically, although they do retain enough personality to keep them from sounding like a cover band. The usual ground is covered—war, shitty cops, religion, and, especially, animal rights. It’s easy to sit some thirty years later and wallow in cynicism as it plays ‘cause, facts being what they are, ain’t all that much changed and, in some very major ways, have actually gotten much, much worse. It’s just as easy, though, to remember a time when it felt like the world could be changed, a feeling permeating every track here and that once fueled the greater movement with which the band was aligned. We could definitely use a bit of that now, and a soundtrack just as good and inspiring.

 –jimmy (Overground)