Nov 24, 2009

Pleased to see the Stone Coyotes pop back up with a new one just in time for me to get this review in.  Basically the name of the game here is Songwriting with a capital S - okay, sure, sure they’ve got this “family” hook, seeing as the band’s comprised of wife/guitarist Barbara Keith, husband/drummer Doug Tibbles, and bassist/Doug’s son John Tibbles, which makes for some different media coverage and attracted novelist Elmore Leonard’s attention, but I don’t listen to records just because a family made them, y’know?  Maybe people who buy Danielson Family discs or Hanson do, I don’t know.  The Dylan-in-his-prime-quality lyrics Barbara writes kept me coming back to their last disc, “Situation Out of Control,” and after two or three listens to this one, I’m already grinning at lines like “Some of these new boys/They say they want to fight/But it takes them three days/To get the drum sound right.”  Ha HA!  Sound like anyone you know?  The music does the job of conveying the tunes properly - sure, Doug’s not going to be replacing John Bonham anytime soon, but he gets the job done and he’s certainly established a style, one that’s refreshing in its Ringoesque simplicity.  Hell, at this point I’m just glad to hear something this unique (without that desperate, tattooed-and-pierced-and-dyed bullshit look-at-me-I’m-oh-so-unique fakery every new rock band seems to ooze), listenable, well-crafted, and solid.  Who gives a shit if it doesn’t fit into any marketable categories?  Here’s to hoping someone like Joan Jett or Sheryl Crow or Chrissie Hynde picks up on “First Lady of Rock” (Mommy said to Daddy, “Did you hear what she said?  She said ‘I like Black Sabbath and Motorhead’”) and makes the Coyotes some hit royalty cash to finance more great Barb tunes. 

 –guest (Red Cat Records)