STOMPEDE: self-titled: 7”

May 27, 2009

Japanese HC + Pushead artwork + colored vinyl = collectible ebay bait. This band from Tokyo, Japan features commissioned Pushead artwork over red vinyl with blue and white splatters. Five tracks of intensely sweet Japcore. I see people sweating, salivating already. Many of you collector nerds out there might recognize this band. They were featured on Pushead’s Bacteria Sour comps series Volume 2 (both versions) and Volume 3. Those comps were so hard to get just because Pushead’s name was on it. I did manage to get the two versions of Volume 2 for myself at a reasonable price. They were also on the No Borders comp that Suburban Home put out awhile back. By chance you do come across a copy, pick it up quick! First track, titled “Jo Anny Ta,” blazes so fast you feel like a diesel truck almost ran you over. Lyrics are assumedly sung in English which is badly translated from Japanese. I always love that. Musically, they are heavy in every conceivable way. For those who love Japcore, you know what to expect. I need to get off the computer so I can scream into the speakers.

 –don (Badman)

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