STÖJ SNAK: Songs about Beliefs: 7”

May 17, 2013

Singer-songwriter Niels Höjgaard Sörensen is the main creative force behind Stöj Snak. His music is acoustic folk with a strong punk ethic. There are few folk/punk hybrid bands or performers who I can say I enjoy, but I’d definitely add Stöj Snak to that list. Sörensen is a great songwriter. Each track on this 7” is loaded with catchy acoustic guitar riffs. An assorted cast of supporting musicians, and Sörensen himself on some additional instruments, add a great deal to each track. There’s much more going on musically than just a guy and his guitar, which I appreciated. His lyrics are sharp and witty, but also show a good deal of polishing, and he demonstrates a great range of vocal power. Moving fluidly between singing and sing-screaming, often within the same track, his forceful delivery makes already good tunes that much better. The opening track, “Collateral Damage,” got me paying attention, especially with the chorus vocal of, “I’m going in for the kill,” and by the end of the second track, “State of Mind,” I was a fan. The three tracks on Side B were just as strong as either track on Side A, making this a ripper from start to finish.

 –Paul J. Comeau (, [email protected])