Stitches—Live at Der Wienerschnitzel 2003, The: DVD

Jun 03, 2011

“Welcome to Der Wienerschnitzel, may I take your order please? “ “Yeah, I want one messy and chaotic live set in the parking lot by snotty California punk rock band, the Stitches.  I want the band and the crowd to fling chili dogs and other debris at each other during the entire thing and it should be recorded for posterity on a shaky handheld camcorder. Release it on DVD years later, please.”  “You want Bill sperm with that?” “NO!” “That’s all right. No one ever seems to want Bill sperm with their order anyway.” This is a cool little gem of a DVD.  Everybody seems to be having a blast and it’s infectious, even when watching it in your house years after the show happened. A fun and unique punk rock show captured on video to enjoy without getting mustard and relish all over your clothing. (VDDVD,