Jun 06, 2014

Never got what was supposed to be so godawful amazing about the Stitches fifteen years ago and still don’t. The less-celebrated Gaggers fare better with pharyngeal anthem “Gag on This,” which, despite my best attempts to not like it, won its way to my tonsils with a calculatedly dumb synthesis of pretty much everything off of the first four Killed by Death albums. Like “Bend and Flush” by the Pork Dukes, this monomaniacal neo-filth seems the stuff of world-smiting legend if you’re like fourteen years old. And who isn’t? BEST SONG: Gaggers, “Gag on This.” BEST SONG TITLE: I feel like i’m gonna lose like thirty IQ points for even saying this, but it’s “Gag on This” by the Gaggers. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Stitches song was recorded at Earle Mankey’s in 2001, which is, I believe, where the Detonators album was recorded in 1984.

–norb (Rapid Pulse,