STITCHES, THE: Do the Jetset: 12” EP

Damn it. I like the Stitches. Despite its obvious limitations, I’ve really been getting back into the whole Modern Action/No Front Teeth snotty punk thing lately. And the Stitches are not only stalwarts of the genre, but they’re generally really good at it. So yeah, it pains me to say, but this EP is pretty much unlistenable. Recorded in one day, Do the Jetset consists of reworked versions of various b-sides and covers spanning the Stitches’ career. The only catch is that these reworked versions pretty much suck and pale in comparison to the originals. Featuring a drum machine, woefully tinny guitars and vocals, and a resounding sense of awkwardness, these six songs are totally unnecessary. I just don’t understand why these guys wouldn’t have used their available resources—the packaging for this record is impressive, and surely wasn’t cheap—to do something new, instead of rehashing fifteen year-old songs in a way that takes every ounce of energy and fun from them.

 –keith (Vinyl Dog)